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Class Schedule Change Effective Monday, 10/15/18

💥Class Schedule Change💥 Effective Monday, 10/15/18 The 9am classes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday will BEGIN @ 930am. Tuesday & Thursday early morning/afternoon schedule will now be: 7am Crossed Up Noon Boxed Up (45 minutes) Again these changes go into effect Monday, October 15th. Source

10/11 Schedule

10/11 Schedule 7 amLeg day/Crossed Up Ben 9 am Kickboxing Chris 545 pm Boxing Janice 7 pm Kickboxin Dameron Kirby aka DK Source

Hey Everyone,

Hey Everyone, I am looking on switching some classes up. Would you rather see a 10 am class instead of 9 am? Would you like more 12 pm classes? Source

Create strength and power will come.

Create strength and power will come. This 13-year-old soccer goalie deadlifts 172 Lbs for Breakfast to create more vertical and horizontal explosiveness. #deadliftsforbreakfast #soccergoalie #kickedupathlete #nevergivenonlyearned #allbeforeschool #kickedupfitnessandperformance Source

Advanced Nutrition and Programming!

Advanced Nutrition and Programming! These ladies rocked an Endurance Training Protocol. What did you do before breakfast on a Saturday? 6-12-25#newtrainingmethods #progression #breakingthehabit #nextlevel #kickedupfitnessandperformance #nevergivenonlyearned @marydavisfitness Source

New Office Art!

New Office Art! #lion #lionart #whatIlooklikewhenthegymisdirty #kickedupfitnessandperformance #nevergivenonlyearned

Get your tickets hereeeeee!

Get your tickets hereeeeee! We have ticket for @dameronkirbythebruiser fight this weekend. If you want to see @kickedupfitness newest trainer win the belt let me know. #thebruiser #nevergivenonlyearned #shogunfights #kickedupfitnessandperformance