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Kickboxing 101

This is a slower paced class for those who are just…


Our boxing class is a complete workout experience, perfect for all…


Our kickboxing class is a complete workout experience, perfect for all…

Boxed UP

This class is half boxing/half cross­ training ­the perfect blend of…

Crossed Up

Burn calories and develop lean muscle in this fun and challenging…


Metabolic conditioning refers to exercises that increase the storage and delivery…

This is the 6th time I’ve participated in the body fat loss challenge. I am still amazed at what a little hard work can do. Ben pushed me to levels I’ve never achieved. Ben also challenged our team to become better versions of ourselves.

Donald Smith,

Participating in the back to school challenge brought me to the next level of fitness that I had never been able to achieve in all my years of working out. There was always something missing in my workout regimen. This challenge – with the help of Emily and our team and wanting to win above our competition – put all the pieces together me. We had the perfect combination of a clean, simple diet, discipline, consistency, increased strength & endurance training, mental resilience and rest! After successfully completing these grueling six weeks, I feel incredible and in the best shape I’ve been my whole entire life. I feel a lot smarter too!

Toni Adams,

This was the best challenge yet. You wouldn’t know it was 5am given the energy from #TeamBen vs #TeamEmily going head to head twice a week. Ben designed our workouts to constantly change and brought a science to our sweat and the final numbers spoke for themselves. Looking forward to the next one!

Jeremiah Batucan,

The back to school challenge was an incredible experience that required me to push myself both physically and mentally. I have gained the confidence to workout on the weight side of the gym and I now understand the nutrients that my body requires to operate at its peak level. I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time and I’m excited to keep progressing towards my goals with all the things I’ve learned through this experience.

Courtney Shells,


2020 Challenge

20 Classes in 20 Days

The goal of this challenge is to help get you back into a workout routine! Let January 2020 be the year YOU prove to yourself that you can do it!!

Any member is welcome to do this FREE class challenge. In order to be in the running, you must RSVP!! This challenge will begin January 11th and go until January 30th. Have a work conflict? Traveling? Company in town? You can double up on days!!

Start the new year off right! The goal is to get in 20 classes in 20 days! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & press going to this event, to be in the running!