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We promote fat loss and strength gains!

We promote fat loss and strength gains! 6 am Kickboxing/@emyhealthandfitness 9:30 Crossed Up/Chris 5 Boxed Up/Ben 6 Crossed Up/Chris 6 Kickboxing/@izabelasage 7 Boxing/@paulatku #fatloss #strengthgains #strongwomenrule #bodyfatloss #kickedupfitnessandperformance #nevergivenonlyearned🏋 #sciencedrivenresults @tony_proformancesrn @proformancesportsrehab Source

Neural Mobilization

💥Neural Mobilization💥 Coach Brenna @bls53 here to share a little clip from last Saturday's Mobilize & Move class. During this class we focused on the muscles/nerves of the thoracic outlet (think of the space between the neck & upper chest/clavicle area) & their impact on the rest of the upper extremities. . . The move […]

Brachioradialis Pain

💥Brachioradialis Pain💥 Coach Brenna @bls53 here and I want you to ask yourself the following: Do you experience pain in the back of your hand or the lateral portion of your elbow? Or in & around your index finger or thumb? Does turning a door knob, drinking/holding a coffee mug or shaking hands with someone […]