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Storm Chasers Field Hockey Team!

Storm Chasers Field Hockey Team! Awesome job ladies! Thanks to Coach @samantha_mattei for teaching an awesome class. If you're looking for team building, help with conditioning, or gain an upper edge on your league, ask us about a private team class!!!💪🏋 #kickedupathlete #stormchasersfieldhockey #kickboxingiscool #kickedupfitnessandperformance #nevergivenonlyearned🏋 Source

Foot Health – Mobilize & Move

💥Foot Health – Mobilize & Move💥 A solid foundation is KEY in all aspects of our lives & the structures around us. Your #feet are a key part of YOUR #foundation which is why "taking care" of your feet is SOOOO #important. . . Tomorrow's Mobilize & Move class will focus on stretching & mobilizing […]