Our Services


At Kicked Up Fitness we understand that injuries can get in the way and are here to facilitate a program so that you can maintain your workout routine. We specialize in a variety of techniques that increase mobility, reduce pain, and help Learn More!


We’re not your average sports nutritionists. Here at Kicked Up Fitness, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way of healthy eating and living. We take into account your lifestyle and work schedule and will have a fully customized meal plan Learn More!


Kicked Up Fitness offers a team of personal trainers, with diverse backgrounds and experience, to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our evaluation process starts with a client questionnaire and a structure and balance test. We compile your results and Learn More!


Burn calories and develop lean muscle in this fun and challenging cross­training class. Crossed Up is the perfect addition to your regular routine. In this class, our instructors use a variety of training techniques including strength training, suspension training, kettle bells, dumbbells, Learn More!


This class is half boxing/half cross­ training ­ the perfect blend of both worlds! We’ll use multiple forms of training including strongman, plyometrics, and boxing to get your heart pumping. This is a fast paced, high energy class that takes you to Learn More!


Our kickboxing class is a complete workout experience, perfect for all levels. Each class starts with a warm up to get you loose and ready to go. Then, we pump up the volume and get to work. Our highly skilled instructors will Learn More!

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