Chris Diguardo

Chris Diguardo

Personal Trainer/Instructor


Chris DiGuardo entered into the fitness industry for many reasons. She struggled with her weight as a child, which led to her being bullied. Due to low self esteem, she thought her only answer was to develop a “more is better” philosophy. She restricted her diet and found a pair of roller skates which she exercised in daily.

The once bullied girl got in shape and started to receive compliments.  Still, low self esteem, coupled with too much time spent exercising led her to become anorexic. After years of struggling with her weight and body image, Chris discovered the gym.  Through trial and error, reading magazines and meeting with trainers, her view of her body and training started to change. Chris found the importance of proper nutrition and weight training and is now a certified personal trainer.

Chris is 50 years of age and in the best shape of her life. With her years of experience, plus the trials and tribulations she has faced, she is ready to help people become healthier.