David Clark

David Clark

Personal Trainer/Instructor


David Clark became a certified instructor through International Fitness Assoc. in 2013. David was born in Albuquerque NM moving to Hillsmere in Annapolis and attending St Mary’s, later graduating from Annapolis HS. David was introduced to boxing at a local youth program and his passion for exercise began.

Joining Buckley’s Karate Studio in Lincoln Park Center, David learned discipline going through the belts. He now feels he has come full circle with the opportunity to share an enthusiasm for health and fitness back at Lincoln Park Center with a family of KUF.

David’s experience includes extensive dojo training/practice. He briefly studied jujitsu while volunteering at the Londontown Community Center teaching striking arts. David has enjoyed many sports including competitive salaam water skiing, repelling, swimming, wrestling, pole vaulting, canoeing, biking, yoga.

David will stress the practical applications of the sweet science/kicking arts in his classes. He wants you to become better aware of yourself and surroundings while building endurance, strengthen and agility. David will inspire you to keep your commitment to fitness goals.