Paul Schiro

Paul Schiro

Personal Trainer/Instructor


I’m a lifelong resident of Annapolis, Marine Corps veteran and relatively new being on the coach’s side of fitness. I have a degree in computer science and my day mostly consists of sitting in front of the computer for 8 to 10 hours a day. Trust me, it really can wreak havoc on your physical fitness, eating habits and your state of mind.

I have spent most of my life lost in trying to figure out how to be fit, lose weight and what to do once I made it into a gym. I’ve been a member at pretty much every gym in the Annapolis area with no real results. Before working at Kicked Up, I was a member.

Here, as a member, is where it all clicked for me. The atmosphere, the members, and the trainers. The structure of the classes brought me back to my days of being in the Marine Corps. Being able to look across the room and see someone with the same sweat rolling down their face, brought a familiar feeling back to me.

Finally, I am no longer lost. I am now here eager to help anyone and everyone who wants to put the time in. No truer words were ever spoken “Never given, only Earned.”